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Book a kitesurf, hydrofoil or wing foil adventure in Newcastle and Port Stephens

Phone: 0404377435

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Whitsundays Escape

June 2023

Escape the winter

 Dial-in your kiting skills

Explore one of the natural wonders of the world with a group of legends.

6 day all-inclusive Whitsundays kitesurfing holiday to wild secluded islands.

Don't miss out

Palm Trees

Fiji Kitesurfing Progression Tour

August 2023

Escape the Winter - Become a Kitesurfer

Kitesurfing Lessons

From zero to hero we are here to take you on the journey that could...WILL change your life.

Our lessons are designed to get you flying confidently and independently in the most safe and fun way imaginable. 


We run most of our lessons around the beautiful Nelson Bay area and south Newcastle.

We run lessons in Port Stephens, Central Coast and Newcastle. We've found the perfect places to learn to kitesurf and hydrofoil as its flat, shallow water provides the easiest possible conditions to get started on the board.

Hydrofoiling Lessons

A sport that seems to defy physics and turns every head and camera on the beach.

Our lessons will skyrocket you into proficiency in what would normally be a frustrating and arduous process to do solo.

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Wing Foil Lessons

The fastest growing water sport out there. Figure out what all the hype is about! 

Ride waves for kilometres. Harness the power of the wind and glide endlessly on the hydrofoil. Discover this incredible way to explore oceans, bays and lakes.

Our lessons will give you the confidence and knowledge to safely wing by yourself.

Wakeboarding Session

Rip up the water with your friends or family, get some great footage, pick who did the best stack, and have a day on the water to remember!

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We are senior KA instructors with years of experience teaching all across the world. This certification guarantees that our lessons follow strict safety procedures and well researched teaching techniques. 

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Our school is sponsored by Duotone: the leading brand largely considered to produce the highest end, quality gear. So unfortunately you can't blame the gear if you make a mistake ;)

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We believe in supporting local small businesses as much as we can. Dave and his team at Kite and Sup Warners Bay were instrumental in helping us get our business off the ground and we love to support him. On top of that, he's just a great guy, used to be a pro rider, and absolutely froths anyone getting into these awesome sports!

Each booking plants trees as our contribution to re-wild the world. We are lucky enough to teach in places surrounded by National Parks and dolphin sanctuaries and we strongly believe in offsetting our carbon footprint so that future generations can enjoy what we do today. ''Think globally, act locally'' It is so important to support the community you are a part of. If everyone can do there part locally, it will translate to a huge impact globally. On top of actively planting trees ourselves, a portion of each lesson is donated directly to Hunter Landcare 

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