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About us

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"Nelson bay and Port Stephens is the perfect place to learn to kitesurf and hydrofoil."

Yann and Jordan met through skiing and basketball at Newcastle University.


"We would have been inseparable if we didn't keep going overseas to different countries.

In one of the brief periods they were in Australia together they both picked up kitesurfing and went mad with it. 

Jordan went to Zanzibar to get better at it, Yann moved to Portugal and eventually, they both ended up teaching and learning together in Byron Bay, with the hilarious Aaron at Earth Kitesurfing.

"COVID was a struggle in many ways however it made us realise the beauty in our backyard and inspired us to put down roots.

We love the Nelson Bay and Port Stephens area and it's probably one of our favourite places in the world to kitesurf and hydrofoil."

The guys both moved back to Nelson bay at the start of 2020 to start their own kitesurfing and hydrofoiling school with a view to make an impact on the local environment as well.

"As much as we love extreme sports, what makes it extra special is doing it in beautiful places. We both grew up having David Attenborough as our second father and he ignited a passion in us to do something to give back to the planet."

Every lesson run by Escape contributes to local efforts planting trees and pulling plastic from our oceans.

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Eventually the guys are aiming to run Eco Adventure tours all over the world, finding stunning areas to explore, new sports to do and ways they can give back to the planet.


Maybe we shouldn't have watched the remake of Point Break before deciding to start this business... we even called the boatSamsara - if you haven't watched the movie go do it, it's character development doesn't exist, but they do pretty some pretty epic sports.)

Hopefully we'll infect you with the same enthusiasm,

See you round!

Jordan & Yann

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