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Gear is supplied

Bring water, sunnies, hat and a wetsuit if it's cold.

Firstly we will make sure that we have mastered the skills from the previous lesson.

Our focus this lesson is most often to get you surf ready.

Skills learned:

  • Smaller board sinking start

  • Pumping action to generate forward momentum

  • Long controlled glides

  • INTO THE SWELL! We will whip you into waves if the swell is around and your skills are up to scratch.

Two Hydrofoiling Lessons - 4H

SKU: 5
  • Really want to nail the technique?


    On the second lesson we progress you to a smaller board and whip you into some swell when your skills are up to scratch

  • If we cannot complete your lessons due to lack of wind or unforseen circumstances you are granted a full refund.

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