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How we book you in:


After purchasing the lessons you will recieve an email with an availability form to fill out. Due to weather dependant nature of the sport we cannot immediately book you in for a specific date in the future. Rather we let you know via text when conditions are suitable for a lesson that lines up with your availability.


The frequency of available lessons depends mostly on the season. Summer and Winter are frequently windy ~3-4 windy days a week while Spring and Autumn are less so ~1-2 Windy days a week.


If you have a specific time frame to complete your lessons, e.g, just passing through, and you are unable to complete the lessons in time, you will recieve a complete refund.

Gear is supplied

Bring water, sunnies, hat and a wetsuit if it's cold (you can rent a wetsuit for $20pp)


The first lesson will be in the flat waters of the bay.


This lesson covers all you need to know about the gear, safety, weather and techniques required to wing. The first part of the lesson is spent on land until you are flying the wing confidently and understand the safety information.

Then onto the water! Your instructor will follow you in our boat. When you first start winging, you end up drifting very quickly with the wind, so it is extremely handy to have the boat there to drive you back up instead of undertaking a painstakingly long paddle.

Skills learned:

  • Gear set up and pack down

  • Weather and water safety

  • How to enter and exit the water 

  • How to mount the board

  • How to taxi around on your knees

  • How to stand 

  • How to edge the board and carve upwind

One Wing Foil lesson

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