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Cheapest Paddleboards in the Bay!

Quality boards and more affordable!

Nelson Bay is like no other, a blue paradise teeming with bottlenose dolphins, green turtles and boundless more sea life. We invite you to experience it first hand.

Stand up Paddle Boards

1h - $25

2h - $45

1 day - $50*

Extra day $30*

Includes life jacket

Why us?
We are located in a very protected part of the Nelson bay with Marine Sanctuaries on either side! We can add a snorkel as well if you would like to hang off the side and get a closer look at the underwater world.

In almost all weather conditions the water at Little Beach will be calm and flat.

If you would like to paddle through the sunrise or sunset we can make that happen!



Pick up and Drop off Location

Form Anchor

We will be in touch shortly!

Sunset Kayak

Paddle Board Hire

Kayak Hire 

Hire a craft!

Paddle Boards
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