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How we book you in:

After purchasing the lessons you will recieve an email with an availability form to fill out.

Due to weather dependant nature of the sport we cannot immediately book you in for a specific date in the future. Rather we let you know via text when conditions are suitable for a lesson that lines up with your availability.

The frequency of available lessons depends mostly on the season. Summer and Winter are frequently windy ~3-4 windy days a week while Spring and Autumn are less so ~1-2 Windy days a week. 

If you have a specific time frame to complete your lessons, e.g, just passing through, and you are unable to complete the lessons in time, you will recieve a complete refund. 


Lesson 1: Foundations

Kite gear is supplied.

Bring water, wetsuit, sunnies and a hat.  (if you don't have a wetsuit you can rent one for $20 pp)


Depending on the location you will either be learning on land or in knee to waist deep water. It is extremely uncommon to be getting on the board on the first lesson.

Skills learned:

  • Site assessment:
    How to pick a kitesurfing spot with confidence, understanding how the weather, tides, wind effects and other hazards make a spot  safe or dangerous.

  • How to kitesurf safely:
    Understanding how to quickly release the power/pull of the kite so you can be comfortable in knowing what to do if something ever goes wrong.

  • Controlled and relaxed flight of the kite - This needs to be mastered before adding an extra element such as a board

  • Launching and landing the kite safely

  • Gear Set up and pack down


Kite control and safety


Lesson 2: Basics

Kite gear is supplied

Bring water and a wetsuit (if you don't have a wetsuit you can rent one for $20 pp)

Skills learned:

  • Entering and exiting the water safely

  • Water relaunch: 
    When the kite falls on the water there are techniques you need to know to get it back in the sky

  • Body dragging:
    About as graceful as it sounds. This is an extremely important skill which allows you to manoeuvre yourself in deep water while flying the kite. This is used to retrieve your board if you've fallen or to return to the safety of the shore.

  • Water start:
    How to ride! This is a stage where lots of skills come together and you begin to practice getting up and riding.

  • Controlled stop:
    Surprisingly a common issue is that once you're up you may get distracted and keep riding into the horizon however you must learn to stop and come back


Becoming independent enough to enter the water, practice riding and exit safely without a hitch


Lesson 3: Independent Riding

Kite gear is supplied

Bring water and a wetsuit.

Covers all of lesson one and two and further instruction working towards you becoming an independent kiteboarder! The pace of this will be determined by how your learning is coming along and how well you are grasping the kiting techniques.


If you have not yet learnt these skills in lesson 1 or 2 we will make sure to nail these in this lesson:

  • Self Rescue: 
    In case of gear malfunction or other rare issues you may need to perform a self rescue which involves getting to your kite and floating on it like a life raft to sail home or wait for assistance.

  • Right of Way Rules:
    There are a multitude of rules that must be understood to avoid running into other  kitesurfers and water users

Further advanced progression includes:

  • Transition turns

  • Toeside riding

  • Jibes

  • Basic Jumps

  • Basic Pops


Ride, ride, ride! 

Three Kite Lessons - 6H

SKU: 3
  • With all the key skills under your belt it's time to ride. A lot of things have to come together but we'll be there to guide you through it and make sure you don't pick up any bad habits.

  • If we cannot complete your lessons due to lack of wind or unforseen circumstances you are granted a full refund.

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